Charity Commission Roundtables Show Effects of Pandemic

The Charity Commission has taken it upon itself to analyse the impact of COVID-19 to alleviate ongoing struggles for the third sector. The commission believes that charities will play a key role in helping the UK continue to recover from the pandemic in the future; it also recognises that these organisations must be properly supported for them to be able to do their part.

The commission has begun conducting roundtable discussions to ensure that charities have the tools they need to succeed in a post-pandemic world. The first four of these meetings took place this summer and involved small- and medium-sized charities. Among these organisations, charities reported the following primary future concerns:

  • Difficulties related to long-term funding
  • Uncertain long-term plans due to pandemic-related restrictions
  • Recruitment issues
  • Engagement with vulnerable people

Research by the commission has found that approximately 38 per cent of charities coped with the pandemic by moving services online. This was more common amongst larger organisations, as 63 per cent of those with income exceeding £500,000 transferred online, while only 24 per cent of those with income under £10,000 did so.

During roundtables, charity leaders also reported having made operational changes due to the pandemic, such as:

  • Adjusting approaches to fundraising
  • Developing new business and revenue models
  • Having trustee boards create new ways to manage financial and governance challenges

The commission plans to host additional roundtables with various types of charities in the months to come. Organisations should remain apprised of findings. Furthermore, it’s important for organisations to be ready to participate and provide information if asked to help the commission and other charities understand the present and prepare for the future. Click here to contact the commission.

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