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This policy will provide you with much-needed peace of mind against a severe threat, and can be extended to protect against the growing danger of cyber fraud, in which firms are tricked into sending money by fake emails from fraudsters impersonating managers or suppliers.

Regardless of size, territory and business sector, all organisations are vulnerable to fraud. Fraud can take many forms – including the theft of cash, stock and other assets; forgery, embezzlement and computer crime – and can continue for many years, often discovered purely by chance. The financial impact on a business can be devastating, but what is often overlooked is the resulting threat to your business processes, how it erodes the integrity of your employees and tarnishes your reputation.

Fraudulent losses, of course, while not always quantifiable, can over time dwarf the relatively shorter-term impact of financial losses.

For most organisations, it is a question of when, not if, they will suffer economic crime. The risks companies are facing are not just increasing but becoming more complex. And the threat is not just from your own employees but also from suppliers, customers, agents, hackers and unknown third parties

What is covered?

Crime Insurance is designed to be an allrisks policy covering:

  • criminal taking or misappropriation of your money, securities or property (with no distinction between employee and thirdparty losses)
  • physical destruction or disappearance of money and securities while on premises, in employee custody or in transit
  • criminal taking by an employee of money and securities or property to the deprivation of a client
  • criminal taking by a third-party of client money, securities or property in your control and for which you are liable
  • expenses cover (with its own extra limit of liability)
  • computer violation
  • telephone fraud
  • public relations costs.

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