Engaging Employees With an Organisational Mission

Research has shown that employees who are engaged in their work tend to be happier and have better health, which can lead to greater employee retention and productivity. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic during which thousands of employees found themselves working remotely for the first time, it can be challenging for employees to feel connected to their organisation, leading to higher rates of employee disengagement.

As employees struggle with feelings of isolation and disengagement, organisations can better engage their workforce through an organisational mission by propelling the entire company towards achieving a common goal. 

What Is an Organisational Mission?

An organisational mission communicates the current objective that a company strives to reach each day in every area of its operations. Having a clear, defined mission can help employees better understand the organisation’s collective purpose, as well as the organisation’s core values. When employees understand the organisation’s vision and how their role fits into achieving it, they are able to invest and believe in the mission of the organisation. According to a study conducted by Gallup, ‘67 per cent of millennials are engaged at work when they strongly agree that the mission or purpose of their company makes them feel that their job is important’. Incorporating core company values into an organisational mission can create a connection between employees, customers and the organisation.

How to Create an Organisational Mission

An organisation’s mission should be well communicated and kept at the forefront of all efforts across the company so it is ingrained in all facets of company culture. It is up to company leaders to develop a strategy for communicating the mission, and managers and HR leaders should execute that strategy.

Keep in mind the following when developing and executing an organisational mission:

Storytelling. Storytelling can help connect employees to a company’s mission by invoking the emotional attachment needed to foster employee engagement. Good stories develop trust and serve to reinforce the mission. Keep stories simple to avoid confusion.

Authenticity. Authenticity works to build an environment of trust and transparency by encouraging and implementing employee feedback to build a better organisation. Leader authenticity allows leaders to be honest when things go wrong and gives them an opportunity to follow through on promises and act consistently in line with organisational values and beliefs.

Consistency. Consistency creates credible leadership. There shouldn’t be different expectations for management and employees. In order for leaders to inspire employees to engage with the organisation’s mission, leaders should consistently model the behaviour and values they hope their employees will emulate.

How to Promote Company Values

Organisations should promote their company values as a way to attract and retain talent, and further engage their workforce.

The following are ways organisations can promote their company values in order to engage their employees:

Ask your employees what they need. HR and culture executives shouldn’t assume they know what employees need or are interested in, but rather, they should gather feedback to see what’s important to them. Gathering input from employees can increase engagement by planning training sessions, guest speakers or happy hours that actually provide inspiration and value.

Reward behaviours that embody company values. Positive reinforcement is an excellent way to reward employees who embody company values. In fact, research from HubSpot shows that 69 per cent of employees say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated. HR can recognise employees via a weekly email, during review sessions or in private messages, or with gifts.

Encourage formal and informal opportunities to engage. It can be easier to promote company values and culture while working on-site. While working remotely, however, it can be more challenging to provide consistent opportunities for engagement. Company leaders can provide opportunities for engagement by scheduling formal meetings, such as stand-ups and check-ins, or informal meetings, such as paired sessions and mentorship programmes.

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