Important Findings From the HSE’s Annual Report for the Manufacturing Sector

It’s important for employers to be aware of the risks and hazards most likely to affect their workers. Although many organisations may think they already possess this knowledge, it’s necessary to reassess priorities and practices in accordance with current industry trends and patterns. As processes and operations change, the precautions and steps needed to optimise safety may as well.

Fortunately, the HSE’s Annual Workplace Health and Safety Report provides general and industry-specific findings. By observing the recently released 2020-21 edition, employers can better protect their workers.

The manufacturing industry remains one of the more dangerous sectors as it pertains to workplace fatalities. There were 20 fatal injuries in 2020-21.

2020-21 HSE Health and Safety in the Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing industry remains one of the more dangerous sectors as it pertains to workplace fatalities. There were 20 fatal injuries in 2020-21. Statistics from the last five HSE reports show a fatality rate of .65 workers per 100,000 within the sector. For comparison, the workplace fatality rate across all sectors during this same period of time was .42 per 100,000. Over the last five years, the leading causes of fatalities in manufacturing workplaces have been:

  1. Falls from height (16 per cent)
  2. Collisions with moving or falling objects (15 per cent)
  3. Contact with moving machinery (15 per cent)

In addition to being more likely to suffer fatal injuries, employees in manufacturing are also more likely to experience non-fatal injuries. According to the HSE’s report, approximately 2.1 per cent of manufacturing workers have experienced a workplace injury since 2016 compared with approximately 1.7 per cent across all sectors.

While employees in the manufacturing sector were at greater risk of fatal and non-fatal injuries, it’s worth noting that they have been less likely to develop work-related ill health. Approximately 2.9 per cent of manufacturing employees have suffered from work-related ill health over the last five years compared with about 3.5 per cent across all sectors. Of these cases, approximately 43 per cent are musculoskeletal disorders and 41 per cent are classified as stress, depression or anxiety.

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