Switching insurer to save money

Apathy can be very expensive. This applies not only to our personal dealings but also in the commercial world too.

Increasingly as consumers, we’re realising that taking on apathy can save us quite considerable amounts of money. Switching car insurance can save hundreds of pounds and even contents insurance switching can save decent money too.

Recent reports on energy suppliers showed that 80% of us are still wasting money sat on the most expensive tariffs for our gas and electricity even though switching could save us over 35% on our bills.

Is your business guilty of similar apathy when it comes to your commercial insurance? At Business Insurance Service, we’re constantly looking for new ways to save you money whist ensuring that your risks are properly managed and have the coverage you need.

You may think insurance is insurance, it’s all the same. If that sounds like you, you really should give us a call.

We’ve worked with clients big and small to find better ways to structure their insurance needs. From competitive ‘off-the-shelf’ packages to individually tailored bundling of various types of insurance, we’ve found cost effective solutions to meet our client’s needs.

As a decision maker in a business, you understand the importance of getting quality products and customer service at the best possible price. That’s why you should call us today for a no obligations chat on 01273 789 979.

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