Using Technology for Training and Skill Development

Employee engagement refers to workers who are not only satisfied with their jobs but highly involved and enthusiastic about them. These employees are passionate, proud and energetic about their work and their employer. Yet only 8 per cent of UK employees described themselves as ‘engaged’ at work, according to a 2016 study by Gallup. Furthermore, a 2018 study by Cascade HR found that employee engagement was the most anticipated future challenge amongst the over 400 HR professionals surveyed.

Fortunately, employers may be able to better engage their workforce by offering learning and development through technology. These opportunities can help workers develop new skills, collaborate more effectively, experience a greater sense of community and take more pride in their work.

Consider using technological solutions for the following opportunities:

  • Orientation and onboarding—An employee’s learning and development begin as soon as they start working at an organisation. Consider using learning management systems (LMSs) to train new workers. These systems can also store information or quizzes that may be helpful during the onboarding process.
  • Product training—Training employees to use new products or capabilities is essential. LMSs can make e-learning content and other information easily accessible to employees. Mobile apps may also create gamification to generate friendly competition and, therefore, increased employee engagement and motivation.
  • Technical skills training—Providing workers with e-learning and LMS opportunities directly related to their responsibilities and expertise will engage them and boost their confidence. Teaching employees new skills can also help them become more productive and improve their overall performance. Moreover, developing new abilities may help workers be prepared for the future direction of an organisation.
  • Soft skills training—Soft skills can apply to a variety of workers across different teams or departments. Examples of soft skills include communication, leadership, time management and conflict resolution. LMSs and mobile apps may be useful for improving employees’ soft skills. Employers can also use these technological solutions to monitor and track progress.

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