Domiciliary Care Insurance

For adults that have age-related impairments or physical, mental or visual disabilities, it may be difficult for them to live independently in their own familiar surroundings. Domiciliary care organisations are able to provide these adults with specialised assistance which allows them to obtain a beneficial sense of self-reliance. Personal assistants, care agency staff members or local authority homecare service providers are able to visit patients’ homes and help them with any daily activities that they would be otherwise unable to safely complete.

However, as domiciliary care is provided in a private residence as opposed to an assisted livingcare home or medical facility, there are inherent risks to both the care provider and the patient. While your domiciliary care organisation could mitigate these risks by implementing standard comprehensive care, domiciliary care insurance is the only guaranteed way to protect both the care provider and patient.

What Domiciliary Care Insurance do I need?

Your domiciliary care providers will be required to administer treatment and assistance to patients with a range of impairments and disabilities in their own homes. For that reason, your organisation should secure a comprehensive, bespoke policy to address any potential risks. The standard domiciliary care policy usually includes the following covers:

  • Employers’ liability: Domiciliary care providers are required to enter the private residences of their patients. As these homes are not regulated facilities, care providers could be exposed to physical and health risks. In addition, as each patient’s health care needs require bespoke treatment, care providers could be exposed to unexpected physical or health risks while performing needed care. This provides cover for your organisation’s legal liability for any injuries or health conditions that your care providers may sustain while on-site. This cover is required if your organisation has more than one employee.
  • Public liability: This covers your organisation’s legal liability for claims made by third parties as a result of bodily injuries and illnesses, and loss or damage to their material property as a result of your organisation’s operations. Some domiciliary care policies would extend legal liability to include claims of abuse or mistreatment made against a care provider.
  • Property damage: In addition to shielding your organisation’s actions from liability, you should protect your organisation’s premises from common hazards such as fire and equipment breakdown. But the contents of those premises are equally important, since, in order to provide adequate treatment to patients, your organisation must stock a variety of medications and medical devices. If any of these materials become contaminated or damaged, your patients may be unable to receive treatment. Property damage may cover damaged premises as well as damaged or otherwise unusable materials.
  • Business interruption: In the event that your building and your supply of medication and medical devices is damaged, your organisation would be unable to continue to provide needed treatment to patients. Business interruption cover grants your organisation protection during these periods of inoperativeness, which may cause issues such as loss of revenue, income and additional staff costs due to an interruption to your regular operations.
  • Professional indemnity: If your organisation is accused of malpractice or any type of wrongdoing associated with its work, this would provide you with compensation for legal costs and expenses that are incurred in your defence. Additionally, it would provide compensation for any damages or costs that may be awarded if your organisation is found to have offered inadequate advice or services that caused harm of any kind.
  • Abuse and molestation: Domiciliary care providers are entrusted with the well-being of their patients. If they were to break that trust by either abusing or molesting a patient, there would be serious legal repercussions. Abuse and molestation would provide your organisation with cover for legal liability related to any claims made.
  • Loss of licence: Your organisation is required to possess the appropriate licence register with the applicable regulator. Failure to register is illegal, and could generate fines or even a prison sentence. Loss of licence cover helps regain profits lost due to your organisation’s unregistered status. Policies generally only cover registration cancellation that is beyond the insured’s control.
  • Goods in transit: Because your employees are always on the go, visiting many different patients in many different locations, goods in transit helps ensure that any damage sustained to pricey medical supplies in transit is covered.

Additional Domiciliary Care Insurance Cover Extensions

As a domiciliary care provider, to adequately provide treatment and assistance to your patients, your professional needs may be varied. For that reason, some insurers may provide you with the opportunity to tailor your policy to better meet your specific needs. Some of the common extensions to domiciliary care insurance policies include:

What is not covered on Domiciliary Care Insurance?

  • Damage or consequential loss as a result of:
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Inclement weather
  • Inadequate building maintenance
  • Latent defect, defective design or materials, gradual deterioration, natural wear and tear
  • Corrosion, rust, and wet or dry rot
  • Deletion or corruption of computer files
  • Fraud or dishonesty
  • Unexplained disappearance

Bespoke Domiciliary Care Insurance is the Best Protection

As a domiciliary care provider, you need comprehensive insurance protection to safeguard your staff and patients against the risks that a normal commercial insurance policy will not cover.

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    We’re members of the British Insurance Brokers Association and work with some of the largest and best-known insurance providers in the UK, including Lloyds of London for larger, more complex and high-risk customers. We’re fully regulated and committed to delivering a premium quality, trustworthy and reliable service to all our customers, regardless of size.