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Consultants offer a wide range of advice and services for just about any type of industry or operation. Consultants specialise in a particular area of expertise. They normally are considered independent contractors. One of the most common services that a consultant provides is research and information on a topic or in a specific subject. At times, the consultant will work out of the client’s place of business in order to provide immediate responses and information. Due to the varied areas of knowledge or expertise needed by a consultant, the background, education, certification, experience, and professionalism of the consultant are items to consider.

At Business Insurance Service, we understand not just the insurance industry, but the commercial sector too. Our brokers have years of experience and expertise in finding professionals from across all disciplines the right kind of Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance cover for professionals, giving both sole traders, SMEs, and large practices the protection they need.


What Insurance do Consultants need?

Minimum recommended cover can usually be arranged on a Professional Indemnity (PI) combined policy to include Buildings, Computer Equipment & General Contents, Increased Expenditure, Employee Dishonesty, Public Liability, Employers’ Liability

Other covers to consider are Cyber Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Commercial Vehicle, Employee Benefits, Directors and Officers Liability, Excess of Loss/Difference in Cover.

Property Insurance

Property exposure is minimal but may consist of papers and items necessary for the research necessary. All information should be kept in fireproof cabinets.

Property Liability

Premises liability is limited on site but could be extensive off site. All employees should undergo thorough background checks, and there should be a policy and procedure manual explaining expectation when employees are off site.

Crime Insurance

Crime exposure is limited to Employee Dishonesty. In particular, there is the concern of employee dishonesty of clients’ property while the employee is on the client’s premises. Background checks must take place before permitting any employee on the client’s premises.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Employers’ liability exposure exists in the areas of ergonomics, repetitive motion and carpal tunnel syndrome. The design of workstations to prevent worker injuries is important.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)

Professional Indemnity covers are items to review depending on the type of consulting.

What other risks does a Consultant face?

Other exposures consist of Book Debts, Computers and Deeds and Documents. The deeds and documents will include personal research, along with information supplied by the consulting company. There may be specialised equipment that is transported from the home base of operation to the client company. This equipment will need an All Risks to Cover Portable Equipment cover. All information should be duplicated with copies stored off site. Any books that are used in research should be catalogued in case of damage.

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How can Business Insurance Service help Consultants?

Whether you’re a sole trader or a small to large company, your insurance portfolio has to be up to date and provide you and your business with the right level of protection. Rather than trying to find liability or professional indemnity insurance by hunting through countless websites, let us or our website do it for you.

We’re members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) and work with some of the largest and best-known insurance providers in the UK, including Lloyds of London for larger, more complex and high-risk customers. We’re fully regulated and committed to delivering a premium quality, trustworthy and reliable service to all our customers, regardless of size.

As preferred brokers working with some of the largest insurance providers in the UK, we have immediate access to a huge range of policies for various businesses, including vets and surgeries. We provide our customers with a bespoke or package service, creating insurance portfolios that are specifically tailored to your individual needs, and your budget.

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    We’re members of the British Insurance Brokers Association and work with some of the largest and best-known insurance providers in the UK, including Lloyds of London for larger, more complex and high-risk customers. We’re fully regulated and committed to delivering a premium quality, trustworthy and reliable service to all our customers, regardless of size.